Tutorial: A practical introduction to causal inference

This tutorial will consist of a practical introduction to the estimation of causal effects. We will experiment with the concepts of …

Mind the structure: an introduction to causal inference for machine learning

Machine learning algorithms excel at discovering statistical dependency patterns in data. Those can be exploited to produce extremely …


Differentiable Causal Discovery with Observational and Interventional Data

Knowledge of the causal structure that underlies a data generating process is essential to answering questions of causal nature. Such …


La recherche en intelligence artificielle

Genotype-to-phenotype prediction of antimicrobial resistance


Machine learning for antibiotic resistance: from rule-based models to deep architectures

Maximum Margin Interval Trees


Large scale modeling of antimicrobial resistance with interpretable classifiers

Kover: un nouvel outil à base d’apprentissage automatique pour la découverte de biomarqueurs génomiques


Genomic Biomarker Discovery with Set Covering Machines